About Us

The original survey group consisted of Patty Miller, Gerry Lawlor, and Steve Smith. We each participated in the Eastsound Visioning process as a part of the Livability team. When that concluded, we decided to create a public survey. We felt that it was important for more people to weigh in on the important issues than just the approximately 30 people who were willing to attend many hours of meetings. We hoped that this approach would identify ideas that have widespread support and that this would encourage the County to incorporate these ideas. We felt that it was important to give the public the opportunity to participate in the process via some mechanism other than middle-of-the-day meetings.

The survey took hundreds of hours to create. We would like to thank both supporters and opponents of the survey who were involved in creating the final survey. There were several people who didn’t like the idea of a survey, yet they helped design it. Their concern was that the results of a survey might detract from the recommendations the Visioning Group spent time studying and were recommending to the County.

We included a number of people on our survey team who had participated in the Eastsound Visioning process. There were four groups in the 2nd phase of the Visioning process. In exchange for EPRC support, we agreed to allow each of those groups to submit questions that were important to them. We “lightly” modified them to match the format we all had contentiously agreed to use.

We know many people took the survey due to the encouragement of the EPRC, and it is why we asked for their support.  Ultimately, we created this survey as another way for our fellow islanders to voice their opinions and concerns.

This report is prepared by Patty Miller, Steve Smith and Jennifer Smith. If others prepare reports based on the survey data, we may link to them on these pages.

This is an EPRC-sponsored survey. The members of the EPRC are:

Daniel Vekved
Jeff Otis
Jonathan Welch
Margaret Payne
Paul Kamin
Robert Maynard
Yonatan Aldort

The survey team in alphabetical order:

Charles Carver
Toby Cooper
Matthew Gilbert
Paul Kamin
Fred Klein
Gerry Lawlor
Patty Miller
Jeff Otis
Steve Smith
Charles Toxey
Paula Treneer

* 81% of the survey team took the survey.
* 34% of the individuals involved in the Visioning process took the survey.