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This is the link to the Survey Monkey default report. Please note that it excludes the name and email. It also excludes the five questions that use the ranking methodology, as Survey Monkey was not designed to do what we used it to do.

Below is our version of the same data, which includes additional information and notes that we believe help make the report more readable.


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What does the yellow box that says 23 of 27 Support/Oppose mean?

Open space questions were not proposed nor asked regarding area A or area D.

The next two images are for questions 16 and 17. Question 16 asked about the primary streets, which are marked in yellow on the map. Question 17 asked about the secondary streets marked in green.  We asked about the type of new residential development that should be allowed.

The actual question 16 question was:  Which option best describes your preference for the type of residential development allowed in the following areas? Primary streets in Village Commercial – Yellow area on above map.  Question 17 was the same but used secondary streets instead of primary.

The results show that people care more about the types of residential development on the primary streets than they do on the secondary streets. We show the information in two ways using two graphs. The first with the results as asked. The second graph shows the information combined so that it is easier to see that what percentage support something other than single family residences on the various streets.

This image below is for Q16 and Q17 and shows exactly the same information, but we group the results differently.  The far right set of columns show the support for the ideas that do not include single family residences.

What does the yellow box mean?

Question 25 asked that IF the County analysis indicates a need for additional Service Light Industrial (SLI) capacity, where it should be located.  One location received more than 50%.  The least popular option is within the UGA, contiguous to what already exists.

Question 26 asked regarding what should NOT be allowed in Service Light Industrial (SLI), if the SLI is in the UGA. Below, we include two graphs. The first shows only those things that the majority say should not be allowed. The other shows all responses. The majority support all ideas being within the UGA, with the exception of bulk fuel storage and the storage and treatment of sewage.

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See note on how we calculated the blue bars

Question 33 - Open Ended - Please add your suggestions on incentives that could be given to encourage more affordable rental housing145 Comments
Tax cuts21
Ease restrictions on housing outside UGA, if for affordable housing; ease restrictions on ADUs17
Density Bonus4
Ease height restrictions1
Ease setback restrictions1
Reduced permit fees; reduce time for permitting process.6
General Statement/Idea but not an incentive82
NA/Non-Answers/Not actionable/Stated Elsewhere.12
Note from reviewer: There seems to be a lot of ideas written here on how we can get affordable housing built without giving incentives rather than listing specific incentive ideas. I've marked those as well as comments on other topics with a "Z." Despite this category label, they are still worthy of attention.
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See note on how we calculated the blue bars


Question 50 – Open Ended – This is a follow up question asking the respondent to tell us what incentives they would offer to encourage the types of public goods that they might want to encourage. Please add any incentives you would support being offered.51 Comments
Tax waiver/discount/cuts7
Simply restated incentive from Question #49.3
Other/It may be kind of an incentive.3
Make permit process faster and/or easier/ease regulations3
Total of comments answering question 48 (what should be incentivized) vs question 50 which was – How to incentivize24
General Statement/Idea but not an incentive7
NA/Non-Answers/Not actionable/Stated Elsewhere.12
Note from reviewer: There seemed to be some confusion where survey takers listed what activities we should encourage via incentives rather than what additional sorts of incentives can be given. So, I’ve marked such answers with “Q,” as these comments really address Question #48 regarding what we should encourage via incentives rather than what incentives should be used. I’ve further classified these Question 48 comments as “Qx” to match the options given there. Adding all of the “Qx” categories together will not total the “Q” line because some individuals wanted to reward more than one option from Question 48. One should still read through them for additional input for that question. Also, a few others I marked as “Z.” These aren’t answering this question, but they took the time to write and should be read to get more sense of community desires and thought processes.
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Question 52 deals with how we should pay for some of the proposals. Here, we highlight only the one option that received the most support for each of the proposals.

The County should pay from road/general fundsPercent Support
Pedestrian lighting along sidewalks in Village Commericial58%
Cluster parking50%
Satellite parking41%
Fern Street as a Park43%
A Street terminus67%
Protection of near shore waters45%
Natural treatment of storm water 63%

Ideas that should be funded by donationPercent Support
Preservation of the swale45%


See note on how we calculated the blue bars

See note on how we calculated the blue bars

See note on how we calculated the blue bars

Question 62 - Open Ended - Please add the economic policies that you think are important for the County to pursue.97 Comments
Jobs/Business Opportunities16
Light Manufacturing/Cottage Industry/Crafts & Arts10
Public Transportation5
Wage Growth/Minimum Wage4
Food Processing/Restaurants4
Bike Paths/Trails2
General Statement/Ideas on other topics11
NA/Non-Answers/Not actionable/Stated Elsewhere8
Note from reviewer: Here, the "Z" category includes the "stop promoting tourism" comments (3 of them) as well as statements the writers obviously want the County to read. They are not necessarily actionable or helpful in answering this particular question specifically nor are they easily categorized, but they are there to be considered.
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Question 63 - Open Ended - Infrastructure: Potential economic development can be either encouraged or discouraged by the availability of public infrastructure - electricity, water, fiber, sewer services, and transportation.Goal 3 of the EDE is to “improve infrastructure such as ferry service and telecommunications.”What infrastructure needs are not being met? What would you like to see improved? This is an open-ended question. Please enter your ideas, briefly stating what is needed, where it is needed, and why it is needed.201 Comments
Public Transportation (other than ferry)44
Bike Paths/Trails37
Cell Phone/Landline Service13
Dock Space and Parking4
Urgent Care4
Disaster Planning3
General Statement/Idea4
NA/Non-Answers/Not actionable/Stated Elsewhere8
Note from reviewer: One commentor is obviously unhappy with the ferry service, but considers changing it an impossibility. I still added them under "F," though I get the drift they think pursuit that direction would be an unfruitful use of County time. As you can see by the number of comments about the ferry service, it appears to be of the most concern to people. Some give specific ideas as possible solutions. Many mention high-speed Internet access as being important for our future. There are several listed reasons for mentioning on-island public transportation, but reducing private vehicle traffic and taking care of those no longer driving seem to be on people's minds. Keeping bicyclists and pedestrians safe on our island is a stated concern, too. At the end, I was bothered that this question had so many in the "Other" category, but I went back to re-read those. Several are unique enough they didn't get their own category yet didn't fit elsewhere. Also, many comments are lengthy and include lots of ideas -- some that fit in categories with others and some that are uniquely their own. Of all the open-ended questions, this one seemed to garner the most input.
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Question 64 - Open Ended - Goods & Services: The EDE encourages support for locally-made goods and services for local use & for export.What goods would you most like to see emphasized in growing a sound, stable, year-around, and diversified economy?  This is an open-ended question.  Please share your suggestions.173 Comments
Food (Prepared foods, value-added)46
Light Industry/Manufacturing26
Timber Products13
Fishing/Marine Harvesting7
General Statement/Idea not specifically answering this question11
NA/Non-Answers/Not actionable/Stated Elsewhere9
Note from reviewer: Many here lacked examples of specific products. Most mentioned general category products: "agricultural" or "arts/crafts products." Several suggested striving to make the island self-sustaining. Many marked as "Z" are general statements or not answering this particular question. That is not to say that they should go unread. Some took the time to write quite a bit without answering this specific question with actionable ideas. The general sense I'm getting from the survey-takers as I'm reading through comments on all questions is that the cost-of-living here is concerning and keeps desired results from happening.
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Question 65 - Open Ended - What services would you most like to see emphasized in growing a sound, stable, year-around, and diversified economy? This is an open-ended question.  Please share your suggestions.173 Comments
Public Transportation20
Senior Services12
Food Processing/Restaurants13
Transportation Repair/Maintenance (Boats and Cars)5
Senior Housing6
Affordable Housing3
General statement or commentary not specifically answering this question18
NA/Non-Answers/Not actionable/Stated elsewhere.11
Note from reviewer: I marked "Other" on those not fitting in categories with other comments. Among the "Other" comments, I've color-coded in green those that are very specific in description and can be put into action (by the County, an organization, or private citizen(s)), which include services already being provided here. I marked several as "Z" because they were more statements of fact or comments to survey makers or decision-makers, or they were not answering the question of what services are needed. There are some thoughtful, insightful comments that don't fit under a particular category but might be useful to decision-makers in gaining a feel for the public's perspective, so they are marked "O" for "Other." The overall sense I get from reading the general statements that didn't give solutions is that many see the affordability of living on the island as a main challenge to overcome and, along with that, affordable housing for those providing the services. And, as I read through the comments, I see a trend toward wanting more skilled trade services (plumbers, electricians, construction/handy, etc). Some in the "Z" category mention specific goods rather than services.
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