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Because we have normalized all questions and their options to a standard scale, we are able to compare the various ideas in a number of categories.

We have prepared a number of different “sorts” that allow you to look at the results from different perspectives.

Please see the scoring menu item at the top of the page for notes about how we did the scoring and categorization as you look at the various perspectives of the same data.  Also, please remember that this is one interpretation of the data. You are welcome to review the Questions and Answers in numerical order and draw your own conclusions. However, we hope that these rankings provide a fair and objective way of looking at the mass of data and turning it into useful information.

Things to keep in mind when reviewing the data sorted this way:

1)  One key element to note is that the survey questions were presented in several different formats, including support/oppose, ranking, choose all that apply, and pick one.  These varying formats make combining and ranking results for these questions difficult to do.  In order to provide a reasonable comparison, we developed a scoring methodology for each question format.  This methodology factors in not only the level of support for each idea, but also the level and degree of opposition. Please see our page on Scoring for more information.

2) The AOZ column is an effort to help translate the survey results into actionable recommendations.

A = County Action
O = Other Organization Action
Z = Information

We have taken the liberty to group the proposals and other ideas by the entity most likely responsible for implementation.  Additionally, there are a number of questions that are more advisory of nature. These have been classified as ‘Z’ under responsibility.  The groupings are purely the perception of the authors of this report, and others might choose to suggest other groupings.

We include the sorts by Category and Question order for easy reference to the entire set of questions.