This survey was possible because of thousands of volunteer hours. We did not have a budget.

In order to reach the broadest group possible, we engaged Rock Island/OPALCO who provided us with access to the paid version of Survey Monkey, access to their servers to host the web site, and an invitation to take the survey to all of their Orcas Island mailing list. In exchange, we agreed to ask several questions that were specifically about things that OPALCO wanted to know. We felt that this was a fair exchange.

Eastsound Water Users and several other organizations also saw the survey as addressing important issues and sent emails to their members, encouraging them to take the survey. We did not give these organizations anything in exchange other than our thanks.

We also made an agreement with the EPRC. In exchange for their endorsement and promotion of the survey, we agreed to include additional people on our survey team and to include suggestions from the chair of the EPRC on how the survey was structured.

All parties are in agreement that the survey content and all results are open to the public. We thank Rock Island, OPALCO, Eastsound Water Users, and the EPRC for their help, endorsement, and support of the survey. Thank you to the other organizations and individuals who got the word out about the survey, inviting people to participate. It really helped!  Another big thank you to those who responded to the survey!