Survey Report

Reporting page for the 2017 Eastsound Visioning Survey

Eastsound will change over the coming years.
How will we encourage and discourage those changes?
This survey is a measure of what the community would like to see happen.

This was a lengthy survey that collected a large amount of information on a wide variety of topics. We realize that people look at information in different ways. Plus, there are many ways to present this data, resulting  in different emphases. With that in mind, we are sharing the same information in different formats and have made all of the data available to everyone.  This will permit anyone to do their own analysis and, hopefully, contribute their ideas to the collection of information. All individual survey responses and comments are included and unedited, but identifiers of individual names and addresses are stripped.

The Visioning groups asked us to test 36 proposals.  Many of these ideas received the support of the community.  We have presented one page focused on ranking public support for the group’s proposals.

In addition to reporting on the support for the visioning group proposals, we are presenting variations on other topics, including affordable housing, energy, and the economy.

One key element to note is that the survey questions were presented in several different formats, including support/oppose, ranking, choose all that apply, and pick one.  These varying formats make combining and ranking results for these questions difficult.   In order to provide a reasonable comparison, we developed a scoring methodology for each question format.  This methodology factors in not only the level of support for each idea but also the level and degree of opposition.


If you would like additional information than what you see on the pages here,

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This changing image reflects some of the things the meetings have talked about. Many do not want the various changes to happen. Some do. Some of the changes might happen. Some probably won’t.